Wreck Diving


It is the year of 1942, both the German Army and the Imperial Japanese Forces are at the peak of their military campaign.
In the Pacific the Japanese Forces occupy the islands at Australia´s doorstep. Some Australian Cities like Darwin are already threatened by the Japanese air force.
But change is on its way.

Allied Troops stand ready to regain control over all the islands and force the Japanese Troops back, island by island. On the 7th of August 1942 the American Marines storm the beaches of Tulagi, Ghavutu, Tanambogo and Guadalcanal.

While Tulagi, Ghavutu and Tanambogo where quickly taken and under American control within the day, Guadalcanal was not.
Due to the strategic importance of Guadalcanal with its Airport Henderson Field nether site would give up and pull back. It took many month of heavy battles with lots of casualties on all sites to get hold of the island called Guadalcanal. Which the Japanese called “Shi Shima” (Island of Death).

The water in between the Florida Islands (Tulagi) and Guadalcanal was renamed to Iron Bottom Sound due to the 200ships, 690 air crafts and countless landing barges that sunk there during those many month of battle.
Most of the wrecks are too deep to be be dived at but a few of them are almost lying on the beach and can even be snorkelled at.

Below you can find the wrecks that we dive – grouped by their location ether Guadalcanal or Tulagi. A click on the wrecks name reveals more information and pictures.

Wrecks around Guadalcanal
Sunk Flag Type Name Depth
24th September 1942 us navy Boeing B17E Bomber “Bessie the Jap. Basher” 14m-17m
15th October 1942 Japan Navy Cargo Ship Kyusyu Maru 7m-47m
15th October 1942 Japan Navy Cargo Ship Sasako Maru 58m-85m
16th October 1942 Japan Navy Cargo Ship Azumasan Maru 39m-80m
13th November 1942 us navy Light Anti-Aircraft Cruiser USS Atlanta 120m
15th November 1942 Japan Navy Cargo Ship Hirokawa Maru 3m-57m
15th November 1942 Japan Navy Cargo Ship Kinugawa Maru 0m-28m
29th January 1943 Japan Navy J1 type Submarine I1 3m-28m
13th August 1943 us navy Attack Transporter USS John Penn 35m-58m
29th January 1943 us navy Cargo Ship USS Serpens 40m


Wrecks around Tulagi
Sunk Flag Type Name Depth
7th August 1942 Japan Navy Flight Boat Kawanishi Sea Planes 30m
1st November 1942 us navy Heavy Cruiser USS Minneapolis 14m-24m
7th April 1943 Royal New Zealand Navy Minesweeper HMNZS Moa 35m-45m
7th April 1943 us navy Destroyer USS Aaron Ward 60m-75m
8th April 1943 us navy Oiler USS Kanawha 40m-60m